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(Sorry! I got so excited that I knocked the camera over for a moment there. Opps. :/ )

Anyway the Happie Scrappie subscription box is great.
You can get more information and sign up for one here: http://happiescrappie.myshopify.com/pages/happie-planner-kit-subscription

Next time – We are just about to finish Treasure Island as a readaloud, so I’m planning to write a rec for that, since it was pretty fantastic.

The cover of 'The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll' by Edward and Aingelda Ardizzone

The cover of ‘The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll’ by Edward and Aingelda Ardizzone


The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll by Edward and Aingelda Ardizzone (ISBN 978-0141359441)

I love this book. I loooooove this book.

It is super short (45 pages!), and has lovely half page illustrations throughout, but it’s also a proper paperback so it’s great for children who are just ready to start having chapter books read to them.
The story is about a tiny doll who ends up in a supermarket freezer, and the little girl who spots her. As I child I loved the idea of finding something small to care for, as a child who sewed and made things I wholeheartedly approved of the little girl’s solution to the tiny doll’s problem.
Plus the adults in the book are kind, and thoughful and I like that.

You can find more children’s book recs on my master page here.


Unboxing my pursedori from Lyra and Co

Yesterday I did a short unboxing of the Pursedori I bought from Lyra and Co. It think it’s going to prove really useful, for when I’m out and about, and doing necessarily want to be using my main planner. Plus it’s really cute. 🙂

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